[mythtv] Commercial Detector questions

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 10:08:28 EST 2005

On Friday 09 December 2005 09:41, Paul Andreassen wrote:
> Chris Pinkham and interested persons,
> I've been messing with the commercial detector in 18.1 (very similar to svn
> version) to improve detection of Australian ads.  Here is what I've found
> so far using the ALL method:
>  - Strict is better because otherwise all white screens detected as blanks.
>  - Australia doesn't have blanks between ads so changed MAX_COMM_LENGTH to
> match MAX_COMM_BREAK_LENGTH (is this the right thing to do?)
>  - Patch to 18.1 to zero formatCount and use format instead of aspect
>  - Patches to match my global record before of 5 minutes and after 10
> minutes - Pick format from 5 minutes to last 10 minutes
> 	- Move Logo detecting 6 minutes in and if not detected try in 15 minutes
> in (it maybe more sensible to reduce my before time to 1 minutes)
> Does commercial detection hang if never 8 minutes of video for logo
> detection?
> Does it make sense to +10 score when format matches?  My understanding is
> format matches mean either show or ad.  And format non matches mean ad.
> Having no experience with Fuzzy Logic I'm very impressed.
> Thanks,
> Paul

somewhat related...
a while back I remember someone mentioning commercials on HD channels not 
being 16:9 and using that to detect them. Well, this is no longer true. Now 
I'd say ~10% of commercials are in HD.


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