AW: [mythtv] Bugs, Thinks that should be fixed.

Steve Adeff adeffs at
Thu Dec 8 16:34:11 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 21:10, Donavan Stanley wrote:
> Steve Adeff wrote:
> > MythMusic also shows the playback control buttons on the bottom. I've yet
> > to figure out why since I can't get them to highlight or anything.
> Because they change to indicate that they're up/down etc when you press
> them.

ah, so they're just there to provide feedback. something that could be done 
with an OSD instead...

> > I haven't looked into the keymappings for MythMusic, but I don't see why
> > they are not just mapped the same as MythTV for
> > play/pause/FF/RW/next/previous/etc.
> Sounds like you haven't really set up MythMusic to me...

I have, it just wasn't very responsive to the keys so it felt like it wasn't 
doing anything, then when it would react I had no idea what key it was 
reacting to...

> > and then just get rid of these graphical buttons.
> And thus the visual feedback of them being hit...


> > I personally really like how the iTunes browser
> > works (with 'Genre | Artist | Album ' allowing you to narrow down the
> > listed songs) and think this would be a great way to handle viewing songs
> > in library mode.
> If you can fit an iTunes interface on to an SDTV screen so that it can
> be viewed from 30 feet on a 27 inch screen and operated with a remote
> we'd love to see it.  :-p

well, considering in order to easily read anything @ 30ft you need to have 
text that is ~ 5" tall I take your example as an exageration.

So lets not change the font size currently being used, as it seems to work for 
the people that use mythmusic right now. Lets brainstorm on ways to rework 
the interface to make it better.

First I'll concentrate on a library browser style view since the filebrowsing 
method used by Music and Video works well enough for now.

One could still implement a iTunes style filtering scheme with a more limited 
Here's one idea I just thought of....

A "menu" bar at the top that lists
All | Genre | Artist | Album | Playlists

With two lists below, one on the left, being 1/3 the screen, whose contents 
change depending on the menu bar selection, the second, being 2/3 the screen 
on the right be the list of songs.

When one enters MythMusic they are placed in the menu bar. If they click All 
(select, or pressing down, etc...) then all filters are turned off and the 
cursor moves to the song list. If they highlight over Genre then the left 
list changes to a list of the Genres in the library. Clicking (select, or 
pressing down, etc) will place them in the left list where they can choose 
the genres to filter by. clicking select on a genre would select it, thus 
enabling multiple genres to be selected. pressing left would place them back 
in the menu bar, right in the song list. If genres are being filtered by then 
the genre button in the menu bar could highlight in some way to let the user 
know ther is genre filtering (and the same for album and artist filtering)
the listing could look similar to:
*All			which would unselect all genres thus turning off genre filtering.
Easy Listening

Moving to Artists would change the left list to the list of artists in the 
current filtering level, same for Albums, etc. Selecting Playlists would have 
the left list show the currently saved playlists (And possibly smart 
playlists if implemented). 


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