AW: [mythtv] Bugs, Thinks that should be fixed.

Donavan Stanley jdonavan at
Thu Dec 8 02:10:00 UTC 2005

Steve Adeff wrote:
> MythMusic also shows the playback control buttons on the bottom. I've yet to 
> figure out why since I can't get them to highlight or anything.
Because they change to indicate that they're up/down etc when you press 

> I haven't looked into the keymappings for MythMusic, but I don't see why they are not 
> just mapped the same as MythTV for play/pause/FF/RW/next/previous/etc. 
Sounds like you haven't really set up MythMusic to me...

> and then just get rid of these graphical buttons. 
And thus the visual feedback of them being hit...

> I personally really like how the iTunes browser 
> works (with 'Genre | Artist | Album ' allowing you to narrow down the listed 
> songs) and think this would be a great way to handle viewing songs in library 
> mode. 
If you can fit an iTunes interface on to an SDTV screen so that it can 
be viewed from 30 feet on a 27 inch screen and operated with a remote 
we'd love to see it.  :-p

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