[mythtv] SVN issues

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sat Dec 3 16:02:16 EST 2005

mythtv-dev-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-12-03 at 20:28 +0100, Torbjörn Jansson wrote:
>> I created a few "No signal" pngs and i managed to regenerate the
>> dummy streams with mkdummyts.sh. I used mythfrontend to tune in to
>> an encrypted channel and for a short while i was able to see my
>> green "No signal" text for a short while and then the frontend
>> exited livetv with "Error was encountered while displaying video"
>> and when i pressed the OK button in to get rid of the error message
>> the screen when all black. 
> Hmmm, I'd need a backend log with record,channel and frontend
> log with
> playback,file to try to figure out what went wrong here.
> There is still a problem with ring buffer switching that I haven't
> tracked down, but it seems if we enter the prebuffering pause in
> the NVP before the any frames have been decoded the frames never
> get decoded.

I've attached the frontend and backend logs with the -v options you wanted.

> BTW If you are using the Microsoft Media Player library it has many,
> so many, I mean incredibly many, nay insanely many, problems decoding
> MPEG streams. I highly recommend using any other decoding library.

I wasn't using a real mediaplayer, i was using graphedit, its a tool that
allows you to experiment with directshow filters.
The mpeg2 decoder i used was an opensource one, the reason for that is
because most closed source have anti debuging code that makes it realy hard
to debug my filters.

>> For some reason when i was experimenting with the dummy streams i
>> managed to get the backend to create around 160 zero length files in
>> a very short period of time, at the time i had "-v record" on the
>> backend and this was repeaded over and over in the log:
>> 2005-12-03 16:12:05.191 Preview Error: Previewer file
>> '/mnt/store//20347_20051203161204.mpg' is not valid.
> Hmmm, does your record file prefix end with a slash "/" character?
> If so I'm surprised you can make recordings at all.
> It's probably something we should check for...

Yes, i have the record file prefix set to /mnt/store/ but that's how i've
always had it and it has never been a problem.
I don't think i've changed that setting for, hmmm... Maybe a year or so,
probably more.

>> 2005-12-03 16:12:06.231 WriteStringList: Error, writing to
>> unconnected socket.
> The backend probably died somehow if the you are getting these on the
> frontend. 

That was the log from the backend.

>> I also managed to get a realy big segfault but unfortunately i
>> didn't have gdb attached at that time so i don't have a backtrace.
> Try to reproduce it and get a backtrace. Sometimes it is easier
> to turn on coredumps and then just load that into gdb post-crash
> to get the debugging info.

I have coredumps turned on, but i can never get anything usefull from them
with gdb.
To load a coredump i use "gdb -c the_core_dump_file"
I can get a backtrace but they never contain any symbol info, it's like gdb
have forgotten to load the debug symbols or something.
Or maybe i'm doing something wrong.
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