[mythtv] Ticket #709

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Fri Dec 2 06:08:18 EST 2005


This problem (ticket #709 - No response after changing inputs) has been
bugging me for a week so I tried updating to latest (was 8095 when I did
it) but no luck.

I've checked out the pre-LiveTV update at version 7738 and it STILL won't
change inputs.

The last known working version I had was 7629. I suppose I could go back
to that but then I loose all those nice mythmusic search updates:-(

Can anyone identify when this stopped working? I thought it was something
to do with the LiveTV changes so I wasn't too concerned since I was hoping
to provide useful tester input and so reported the problem, not thinking
that its been there a while.

Is there a database issue thats causing the problem to be 'backported' to

Robin Gilks

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