[mythtv] Stuttering LiveTV (even more)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Dec 2 02:53:49 EST 2005

Dag Nygren wrote:

>>On 12/01/05 19:24, Tom Lichti wrote:
>>>Andrew Burke wrote:
>>>>>Dag Nygren wrote:  
>>>>>>Just found out that MythTV has also recorded in very small pieces
>>>>>>everything(?) I watched live . There was no request for recordings
>>>>>>in the schedule at this time. WHAT is going on here????????
>>>>>What is going on is that you need to go back and read the commits and
>>>>>dev list for the last month, and see what's been changed. The LiveTV
>>>>>rewrite is still not quite finished, although it's working good for me.
>>>>This kind of confusion might argue for better hiding of recorded live tv
>>>>from the average user, though.  Encountering those recordings probably
>>>>will only make sense to the small number of people reading this dev 
>>>As of the latest SVN, this is the way it works, you never see the 
>>>files unless you have watched for more than a certain amount of time 
>>>(not sure what that is off hand).
>>Yeah, now people who don't do their homework won't notice the LiveTV 
>>recordings so instead of, "Why does it record all my LiveTV when I 
>>didn't tell it to?" we'll get "Myth is leaking files onto my system.  I 
>>deleted all my recordings and my 2TB LVM/RAID is full."  Of course, 
>>there will be a few who actually look at the filesystem and see a bunch 
>>of NUV's/MPG's and they'll say, "Myth isn't deleting the file when I 
>>delete a recording," or "Myth is recording some files that I didn't tell 
>>it to record and that don't show up in the program list."  ;)
>In my case I did give the version in an earlier posting (8092).
>And Myth is NOT trying to hide the LiveTV recordings at all, they are just
>there along my real recordings. (looking through mythweb)
MythWeb != MythTV

In fact, MythWeb is more like a completely separate frontend than it is 
a part of MythTV.

MythTV hides LiveTV recordings by default.  MythWeb shows All Recordings 
or the recordings matching the title you've selected.  Chris is in the 
middle of a big re-write of MythWeb, so you never know, he may factor in 
the LiveTV group in the new version.


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