[mythtv] Mythwheather has bug in "extended forecast" screen

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Fri Aug 26 05:47:58 UTC 2005

Robert Tsai wrote:

> I don't think there's a real correctness problem:
> 	- The first page is "current conditions" for today (Monday).
> 	- The next page is "extended forecast" which has data for Wed,
> 	  Thu, and Fri.
> 	- The next page is "tomorrow's outlook" which has tomorrow's
> 	  forecast (Tuesday).
> 	- The final page is "doppler radar".
> Confusing? Yes. Incomplete? No.
> FWIW, I am running current SVN, but I don't think this code has
> changed in ages.

Might depend on time of day.  At least on the West coast, "tomorrow's 
outlook" is always two days away around 10PM or so (my hardware clock is 
GMT if that makes a difference).  I usually do not check earlier, so I 
do not know when it flips.

Also, more useful behavior would probably be to have a forcast until a 
day is about half over.  If you check before bed or when you get up in 
the morning, you want the forcast for the coming day, not the next.  So, 
until about noon Wednesday, "tomorrow's outlook" should be Wednesday's. 
  Or the "Current Conditions" page should include the current day's forcast.

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