[mythtv] V4L2 API?

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Thu Aug 18 14:31:59 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-18 at 01:26 +0200, Martin Møller wrote:
> Hi again.
> There has been some heavy debate on the video4linux mailinglist about 
> deprecating V4L1 entirely and dropping the v4l1-compat module, maybe as soon 
> as at the end of this year. It is not etched in stone at this point, but 
> should this happen, how would it affect MythTV? I see some V4L2 headers in 
> the tree but are they ever used? Looks like most things run V4L1...
> V4L2 would also give more control for us PAL users as for instance I ought to 
> be able to select the PAL-BG standard directly in MythTV shortly afterwards 
> in stead of having to call v4lctl setnorm pal-bg all the time, which would be 
> *very* nice...
> I'm afraid I don't have much knowledgde of either API, so this is mostly a 
> heads up message.
We try to use V4L2 when it works. When it doesn't we fall back to V4L1.

If they drop V4L1 compat some hardware would stop working, but MythTV
shouldn't need much in the way of changes.

-- Daniel

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