[mythtv] bug recording uncompressed audio?

Alvaro Martinez Echevarria ame at spip.thehackers.org
Sun Aug 14 21:42:57 UTC 2005

I think there's a bug with uncompressed audio recording. The
symptom is, when I record with my plextor go7007, using 48000
uncompressed audio, the sound quality is dreadful and in fact the
video comes out as 44100. Here's a patch (I think, but see
disclaimer below):

--- mythtv-0.18.1/libs/libmythtv/NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp.ORIG   2005-08-14 04:11:38.000000000 -0700
+++ mythtv-0.18.1/libs/libmythtv/NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp        2005-08-14 14:40:52.000000000 -0700
@@ -358,7 +358,10 @@
         SetIntOption(profile, "samplerate");
     else if (setting == "Uncompressed")
+    {
         SetOption("audiocompression", 0);
+        SetIntOption(profile, "samplerate");
+    }
         VERBOSE(VB_IMPORTANT, "NVR: Error, unknown audio codec");

I'm not sure that works, because I'm unable to compile at the
moment (my debian unstable hates itself because of the C++ ABI
transition); but there it goes anyway...

Álvaro Martínez Echevarría

``Pero yo que he sentido una vez en mis manos temblar
la alegría / ya no podré morir nunca. / Pero yo que he
tocado una vez las agudas agujas del pino / ya no podré
morir nunca''. [José Hierro, "El muerto"]

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