[mythtv] MythMusic editPlayList with restricted key set

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Aug 7 06:07:22 EDT 2005

Greetings MythMusic peeps

I'm trying to get access to the editPlayList mode in MythMusic without
turning on the TV and just relying on the LCD screen and the 6 buttons it
has (up/down/left/right/ok/exit).

Methinks pressing RIGHT within the normal playlist tree is a good place to
move into the edit playlist menu. I've been trying to suss out how I
determine whether I'm in the edit playlist tree or the playlist editor
already!! Am I right in thinking that "visualizer_status" with a value of
1 would be it? If thats the case perhaps someone can tell me if there is
anything wrong with the 2 line patch below...

If when in the playlist edit mode and at the top of the tree, perhaps the
orthagonal way to go would be LEFT for normal play mode. Not worked out
how the music_tree_list->popUp class works and whether it returns anything

Index: mythmusic/playbackbox.cpp
--- mythmusic/playbackbox.cpp   (revision 6995)
+++ mythmusic/playbackbox.cpp   (working copy)
@@ -319,6 +337,8 @@
         else if (action == "INFO")
+       else if ((visualizer_status == 1) && (action == "RIGHT"))
+            editPlaylist();
             handled = false;

Cheers all

Robin Gilks

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