[mythtv] DVB channel won't scan

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 25 15:02:52 UTC 2005

Quoting Doug Larrick <doug at ties.org>:
> > This happened again tonight on WFXT (Boston area FOX affiliate).  There
> > needs to be a workaround for this: I'm perfectly willing to deal with
> > the extra space taken up by recording the entire transport stream; I'm
> > not willing to deal with a zero-byte file in place of the program I
> > wanted to watch.

Recording the raw TS stream would make really no difference here..

> > Doug, how difficult would it be to switch to TS recording after 15
> > seconds of no data on the attempted PS recording?  If it's a lot, I will
> > do some digging myself, but pointers would be appreciated.

> TS vs. PS makes no difference here... a TS recording will still strip
> out unrelated PIDs.

> I thought Taylor said DVB should fall back to the cached TVCT in the
> case where it doesn't see a new one?  Or are you using V4L (hdtvrecorder)?

There is no cached VCT for myth to use when its scaning.. There is nothing I can
really do about doing a scan when the VCT isn't present other than make some
educated guesses at what channels are present in the stream.. I need to code
this up for doing a scan of cable when I get a card that can properly do Clear
QAM (Unencrypted Digital Cable)..

It sounds like there is no PAT/PMT on the channels you are talking about.. The
VCT really isn't used except to get names, and provide linkages to EIT.. If
there is no PAT/PMT there really isn't a whole lot I can do except revert to
the old DVB code that had static PIDs which is quite archaic.. Also if there is
no PAT/PMT I highly doubt any set top box would work..


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