[mythtv] "Avoid conflicts" also avoids input!

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Apr 21 19:11:22 UTC 2005

Ian Dall wrote:
> I have been puzzeld for a while why watching live tv stoped working
> for me.  I have 2 DVB cards, one of which also has analog acture
> capability.  I eventually realized that the problem was because the
> analog capture was selected (which has no input connected to it).
> It turned out that I had "Avoid conflicts between live TV and
> scheduled shows" selected, and that unselecting this option gave me
> live tv again.
> Now, it is certainly true that watching the empty input results in no
> conflicts, but it is also not very interesting. I have the input for
> the v4l device configured as "none" in mythtv-setup, so why would it
> be chosen to watch TV?

It can't find something that isn't in the cardinput table. Take a
look again:

mysql> select * from cardinput;

Bet'cha it's there. I just added a source for an input through
mythtv-setup and it showed up, changed it to "(None)" and it
disappeared. If you have a bogus entry in cardinput that can't be
removed in mythtv-setup then that will need further investigation.

--  bjm

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