[mythtv] re: Broken DEC2000-T filtering. (was generic digest subject)

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 21 00:52:48 UTC 2005

Quoting Nathaniel Daw <daw at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk>:
> The difference is on the broken dec driver that ignores the mask, this
> "equivalent" code actually works -- it gives you the channel and program
> tables that you are most likely to want.

You just admitted the driver is broken.  The implimentation of the dvb drivers
in Myth is as it should be per the linuxtv-dvb api.

There are a few options here as to what you can do:

1. Change the myth code to work for broken drivers, which means I might as well
not be an API.

2. Call all DVB and ATSC networks and ensure they follow their specs to a t
instead of some of the blatent missues that exist throughout the world..

3. Get the dec2000-t driver fixed to work as its supposed to..

4. Get a different dvb card that the driver works..

> > Well if I request the table I most likely want, and filter out the one
> > that I end up wanting what good does that do?
> Maybe you are on some broken network where you really want 0x46 or
> something else -- but if you have a working driver, this shouldn't matter
> because the masks are still right.  It's only if you have a broken driver
> AND a broken network that you might filter out what you end up wanting.

Tracking/handling the 0x46 as well as 0x42 tables is important, but not yet not
implimented in myth, so even if by some miracle the 0x46 swapped with 0x42
networks fixed their crap I still would have to filter the same PID twice with
your suggestion..  I think you really need to get onto linux-dvb and try and
get the driver fixed or just get a new piece of hardware..


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