[mythtv] re: Broken DEC2000-T filtering. (was generic digest subject)

Nathaniel Daw daw at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Apr 20 19:55:29 UTC 2005

> There are plenty of networks that send tables other than 0x50-0x5F, so 
> this really isn't an option, and besides how would fitering on 0x50 / 
> 0xF0 help me any if the masks/filters on 0x42/0x46 don't work as they 
> are now?

I think we don't understand each other.

Right now, for channel tables you are filtering on 0x46 with a mask of
0xfb. For drivers in which masking works properly, as I understand it,
that should be exactly the same as filtering on 0x42 with the same mask
(they only differ in the masked out bit). Similarly for channel tables you
are doing 0x00 with a mask of 0x00 -- is this not equivalent to filtering
on 0x50 with a mask of 0x00? So I don't see that this would change
anything on a working system.

The difference is on the broken dec driver that ignores the mask, this
"equivalent" code actually works -- it gives you the channel and program
tables that you are most likely to want. 

> Well if I request the table I most likely want, and filter out the one 
> that I end up wanting what good does that do?

Maybe you are on some broken network where you really want 0x46 or
something else -- but if you have a working driver, this shouldn't matter
because the masks are still right.  It's only if you have a broken driver
AND a broken network that you might filter out what you end up wanting. 


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