[mythtv] Bug? HD-3000 DVB driver timestamps

Chris Edwards chris at chris-edwards.org
Wed Apr 20 09:32:33 UTC 2005

* John Patrick Poet (john at BlueSkyTours.com) wrote:
> I switching from the V4L2 HD-3000 drivers to the DVB HD-3000 drivers on 
> Wednesday, 13 Apr 05.  While they seem to work fine, commercial flagging 
> suddenly seemed broken.
> At first I assumed that some change had been made to the commercial 
> flagging code, but then I noticed that a show which should have a length 
> of 1h 1m, was indicating that it was 1h 5m long.  The commercial 
> flagging was consistantly off in the same way -- the begin marker was 
> always a bit before the actual commercial, and the end marker was always 
> a a bit before the show started up again.  The amount of time between 
> the detected commercial marker, and where it should have been, grows as 
> the position in the show increases.

I had the same problem, with a DVB card. I fixed it a couple of days ago
by making it record in TS mode. Now it works beautifully. My guess is
the conversion from TS->PS screws something up. It also presents itself
as a jump when pausing and unpausing.


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