[mythtv] Re: [PATCH] mythweb feature add: browse by artist name

Shermann Min shermannmin at comcast.net
Sat Apr 16 03:12:36 UTC 2005

I submitted this patch last month but it looks like it didn't make it into
0.18. I find this minor mythweb feature addition to be quite useful. If
there's something wrong with it, please let me know. The attached patch is
from today's cvs.


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Subject: [PATCH] mythweb feature add: browse by artist name

I'm a novice with php, but included below is a (hopefully innocuous) patch
that adds the alphabet to the offset menu in mythmusic--clicking on a letter
will jump you to the first artist in your collection whose name starts with
that letter.

This my first patch submission, so if I've performed anything incorrectly,
please let me know!


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