[mythtv] mythtranscode and "commflagged"

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Apr 12 04:40:33 UTC 2005

> I noticed something about commflagging that I think is a minor bug:


> 	- I have my show set to be auto-commflagged after recording.
> 	  This sets the "commflagged" value for the show in the

Uh huh.

> 	- Next, in "Watch Recordings", I pick the show and start
> 	  transcoding with the "Job Options" popup menu. Transcoding


> 	  But if I try to skip commercials when playing back the
> 	  recording, the OSD says "not flagged".

The "not flagged" message is displayed when there are no commercial
flag markers in the recordedmarkup table.  This is because the
transcoder removes them when it transcodes if you apply a cutlist.
You actualy found a couple bugs, this is the first one.  The code
that schedules the transcode from the popup menu doesn't check to
see if a cutlist exist, it just tells the transcoder to apply the
cutlist.  Whenever the jobqueue transcoder routine tells
mythtranscode to apply the cutlist, it also clears the
markup table, so this triggers your "not flagged" message.

I think I have a fix for this, but need to test it a little and I
won't be able to get to that tonight.

> Should mythtranscode be clearing the "commflagged" value of a
> transcoded show, or is recording playback not quite working with
> commercial-skip on a transcoded recording?

Yes, this is another bug.  The commflagged field should be reset
back to 0 whenever the cutlist is applied.  I'll fix this when I
test the other patch above.

> I only just noticed this, so I haven't tried re-flagging the
> transcoded program, but I imagine that probably puts things right
> again, unless commflagging is somehow sensitive to the encoding of a
> recording.

If you reflag, you'll be able to skip commercials again because the
recordedmarkup table will have the commercial skip markers again.

I probably won't have time to get to this until late tomorrow or
Wednesday, so these probably won't make it into 0.18 if Isaac
releases Tuesday night.  They are minor anyway, so it's not a big


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