[mythtv] Portable backend,

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Apr 7 04:50:33 UTC 2005

> 2) Use the current mythbackend with a local MySQL
>     and a database modified from the real one.
>     The patches I included should let you build a mythbackend
>     binary, and a few shell or Perl scripts could be hacked to
>     select programs, copy them, and insert relevant local
>     database entries

It has been brought up a few times before to allow Myth to
have the ability to not display a recording if the file did not
exist.  This could be a user setting.  This would be useful in
this portable scenario as well as an archive scenario, where
users archive recordings to DVD, etc..  In the portable use,
you could just copy the whole DB, modify the master backend
and a few other settings, and then copy over the recordings you
wanted to view.  This way you don't have to worry about what
tables a recording is referenced in (ie, recorded, recordedmarkup,
etc.).  I basically do this nightly with my development box and
database.  I have a script which copies my production database
over to my development database and then changes the following

MasterServerIP     -> dev machine's IP
RecordFilePrefix   -> dev machine's recordings dir
DeletesFollowLinks -> 0 (since it's 1 on my production DB)

I then run a script which links in my production recordings
into my dev boxe's RecordFilePrefix directory.  This way I
can test things on the dev DB, including deleting recordings
(since the delete will not follow my link and will only remove
the link).

For the archive use case, the user could archive a season's
worth of some show off to DVD and the remove the recordings
file and the show would disappear from the Watch Recordings
screen.  When the files were put back into place, the
recording would show up again.

Just tossing it out there for discussion, no patch coming
from me anytime soon. :)



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