[mythtv] commercial-flagging "413% Completed" (new "immediate" flagging feature)

Ben bmythtvdevel at k9sr.us
Tue Apr 5 02:25:29 UTC 2005

Robert Tsai wrote:

>I don't know when this will finish. Typically, the post-recording
>commercial flagging finishes in about 66% real-time (e.g., 40 minutes
>to flag a 60-minute show).
According to the mythtv-commits page on 3/28 I think, the commercial 
flagging is throttled so that it doesn't try to go past real time, so it 
will take at least 60 minutes.

For what it's worth, though, I get the same 413% or 2269% message 
also...it doesn't really bother me, though, because flagging is always 
done about 5 minutes after the show is done airing.


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