[mythtv] [PATCH] filldata.cpp improve logic for incomplete days

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Sep 27 04:59:31 EDT 2004

Mailing Lists wrote:

>> Unfortunately that correction will not work for me. :(
>> All that changing the 18 to 21 does is make the query start counting 
>> from 21:00h instead of 18:00h, however because at least 14 channels 
>> on my lineup are filled with data, it still counts as too many hits, 
>> and even increasing the start time to 23:00h will result in at least 
>> 14 hits, and therefore not reload the day.
>> Now if there is concern about too many downloads with my approach, 
>> the channel table could be modified with a flag indicating whether or 
>> not to use that channel to determine if a day is complete, thus 
>> eliminating the "channel with no data" concern voiced earlier.  
>> However I still don't see a way around the "I'm too lazy to setup my 
>> lineup properly" problem ;-)
>> Joe
> Whoops, spoke too soon, forgot about the grouping (must get more 
> sleep.)  The adjustment would help, however the reliance on an 
> "arbitrary" number still troubles me.

What about tweaking your patch to first of all determine only channels 
that have *any* data already?  This way you dont check that number of 
shows equals number of channels, but that it equals number of channels 
where we have some data.

You would obviously need to exclude the case of channels = zero, ie no 
data at all for that day.

The other heuristic you could use is to check that there is no data for 
tomorrow, ie that we are at the end of the data.

Another, possibly even better technique was suggested by Ed Avis (of 
xmltv) who would prefer that we just find out the last date that is 
incomplete and then get all the data for the rest of the days in one 
hit, ie "--days = 14 --offset = N".  This is because several of the 
grabbers actually get all the data in one go, and so this would be even 
more efficient.  Fancy having a go at coding that up?

I think your heuristic ideas are on the right lines anyway.  Just need 
to make them work for everyone.

Good luck

Ed W

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