[mythtv] [PATCH] filldata.cpp improve logic for incomplete days

Mailing Lists mail_lists at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 27 01:48:29 EDT 2004

>Unfortunately that correction will not work for me. :(
>All that changing the 18 to 21 does is make the query start counting from 
>21:00h instead of 18:00h, however because at least 14 channels on my 
>lineup are filled with data, it still counts as too many hits, and even 
>increasing the start time to 23:00h will result in at least 14 hits, and 
>therefore not reload the day.
>Now if there is concern about too many downloads with my approach, the 
>channel table could be modified with a flag indicating whether or not to 
>use that channel to determine if a day is complete, thus eliminating the 
>"channel with no data" concern voiced earlier.  However I still don't see 
>a way around the "I'm too lazy to setup my lineup properly" problem ;-)

Whoops, spoke too soon, forgot about the grouping (must get more 
sleep.)  The adjustment would help, however the reliance on an "arbitrary" 
number still troubles me.


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