[mythtv] [PATCH]Black border filter

Kristof Pelckmans kristof.pelckmans at antwerpen.be
Mon Sep 6 17:28:51 EDT 2004

Quoting Christian Hack <christianh at edmi.com.au>:

> Kristof,
> I really don't know what's involved in XV vs DirectFB, but I'd be very
> interested if you can do the same for XV.
> Australian DVB stations love transmitting:
> 1) 4:3 inside 16:9
> and
> 2) 16:9 inside 4:3 inside 16:9 (if you know what I mean...)
Not really : is the last 16:9 your screen aspect ?

> Although the second case is generally advertisements more than anything.
> Sometimes the odd show does have it though.
> Should the patch come close to working with XV or is there an element
> missing that would be required for XV support?
Normally it should be quite close...


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