[mythtv] New Install - 0.16 or CVS?

Jeff Thompson lists at threeputt.org
Fri Oct 29 22:43:06 UTC 2004

Cecil, presumably there are fixes to 0.16 in CVS, so I am simply asking 
which is more stable... Since there doesn't appear to be a "stable" 
branch in CVS, I'm just wondering how stable CVS HEAD is...

I already have two Tivo boxes, so I'm not in any dire need for getting 
up and running immediately. If CVS is reasonably stable, I'd rather 
start there and perhaps join in the development effort.



Cecil Watson wrote:

> Hello,
> Jeff Thompson wrote:
>> Hi, I'm waiting for newegg to deliver all of the components for my 
>> first mythtv system. I'm trying to decide whether I should install 
>> using the 0.16 release or go with the CVS HEAD version. Can anyone 
>> using CVS HEAD comment on the stability vs. the 0.16 release?
>> On a related note, the CVS tree doesn't appear to use branches as 
>> part of the normal development process. While each release is tagged 
>> in CVS, it would appear that there is no "stable" branch for fixes to 
>> the latest release. Are all fixes to the released version and 
>> bleeding edge changes made to the HEAD?
>> I have searched, but did not find a document explaining the mythtv 
>> development process, so I apologize if this information is available 
>> somewhere.
>> Thanks,
>> -- 
>> Jeff Thompson
>> jefft at threeputt.org
> Why would you install CVS on new hardware?  Wouldn't you want to 
> install the "stable" release to ensure your hardware is stable before 
> trying CVS which can be unstable?
> Just my .02 cents.
> Cecil
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