[mythtv] [PATCH] Mac OS X & Windows automatic build

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Oct 25 02:08:27 UTC 2004

> The three lines about OpenGL in the macx section are no longer 
> necessary, because OpenGL vsync is disabled by default.

	True. I think it was enabled once upon a time in CVS?

	Note that, if we ever get OpenGL video output working,
using_opengl would be an option (depending on how fast
the Mac is, unless we auto-detect hardware rendering too)

> Also, the joystick config should also be turned off for Windows, since 
> it's Linux-specific.

	Good point, though I wonder if Cygwin will ever support
Windows joysticks? A lot of Windows PCs have the hardware!

> (Maybe the joystick support should only be turned on in a linux 
> section?)

	Probably not - the majority of Linux users won't use it?

Here is an update with these changes, plus I removed OSS on Windows.
(sure wish qmake had a logical OR for config blocks,
  because these Mac & Windows blocks are now the same!)

cvs diff -u settings.pro >../patch.macosx.38

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