[mythtv] [patch] mythgame: small fix to make it compatible with mame version 0.87

Charlie Brej brejc8 at vu.a.la
Fri Oct 15 00:20:25 UTC 2004

mythtv at zwanebloem.nl wrote:
> Hi,
> Options sound and mouse are no longer recognised by mame 0.87 so I added
> a check for that.
> Regards,
> Tommy

I was just about to submit a similar patch except this line:
should probably be
"if(general_prefs.xmame_minor<87 && general_prefs.xmame_major <= 0){"

Assuming they will ever release a v1.0 ;) The nosound option can be still 
specified by setting "-audiodevice" to a bogus device. Finally -fakesound was 
also removed.

I will steal your minor number comparison though ;) I didn't know you could do 
that. How does it react if you have a version "0.87u1" ?

Anyway my patch also included

         Charlie Brej
APT Group, Dept. Computer Science, University of Manchester
Web: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~brejc8/ Tel: +44 161 275 6844
Mail: IT302, Manchester University, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
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