[mythtv] SDL and QT?

Jay Merrifield fracmak at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 05:04:24 UTC 2004

Hey, I'm new to mythtv, but I was doing some performance analysis and
I found something kinda odd. My cpu seems to spike (about 30% on a P4
2.8Ghz) whenever I play back video within mythtv. ie. a show I
recorded the other day. Even when I'm just viewing a small preview of
the video. I've played with my XV settings, and video drivers, and
window managers, and nothing seems to really help the performance.
This spike also seems kinda absurd cause mplayer playing the same file
transcoded with nuvexport takes up 3-4% of my cpu power. The only
explaination I could come to was that QT isn't optimized to display
video using the hardware available in my system, especially when
resizing a video preview within QT. I did some research and saw that a
good number of people have been trying to use an SDL video overlay
directly to the hardware on top of QT to boost performance with some
success. I searched the dev forums and found very little on SDL
outside of completely rewriting mythtv in SDL (not worth it imho). But
I was wondering if anyone had done any work on this? If not I'm going
to research it and see how usable it is with the current mythtv video


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