[mythtv] [PATCH] Big audio update redux

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Oct 11 07:54:41 UTC 2004

> Basically tv_play can't access the volume control because it is part 
> of the AudioOutput class and NuppleVideoPlayer has that as a private.  
> I know I can fix it, but don't have time right now to make sure that I 
> do it the correct C++ way :-) .

I have just had a quick look at your volume control code.  I suspect 
that the best way to fix this is not to make the audiooutput class 
puiblic, but to add some stub functions to the nuppelvideo class which 
just call through to the audio class.  I haven't checked, but if this 
would mean adding code to every nuppelvideo concrete class then the best 
way is to make the volume control code a very small class and in the 
constructor for the concrete class you just make then inherit from the 
volume control class and voila the code is all included automatically, ie:

public MyNuppelVideoOut : public VolControl { }

Get the idea?

I will just test all the other stuff now

Thanks for this

Ed W

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