[mythtv] Myth Status display not updated

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Oct 6 00:59:15 UTC 2004

> a) when you select "Listing Status" or "Tuner Status" or on of the other 
> entry's at the top of the screen the corresponding explanation will be 
> displayed.
> Now when you select a detail (right arrow) the explanation at the top will 
> change, but when you then use the left arrow, the explanation will not 
> change, but remain the last seen entry until you use arrow up or down.

This is fixed in CVS now.

> b) when you move totally to the end of the Log entries list and then 
> acknowledge the last entry, the focus will move down beyond the list and the 
> list is not updated but the entry is deleted even it's still visible when you 
> then move the cursor up so that the list will be redrawn then the log 
> reflects the changes (entry which was deleted are gone)

This I haven't looked at yet.

> c) In all the other menu the left arrow exits out of the menu but not in 
> status menu where you have to use the ESC/EXIT-key

This is fixed in CVS now also.  You must have UseArrowAccels on which is
what allows LEFT to exit the other screens, so I assume you do.

a & c were easy, I haven't looked over the code enough to know about b
yet, so if you get the urge, feel free. :)



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