[mythtv] Myth Status display not updated

Marcel Meier linux at meiersos.ch
Sun Oct 3 14:53:02 UTC 2004

Hi @all
I remarked some littel glitches in the new Status module in Myth.

a) when you select "Listing Status" or "Tuner Status" or on of the other 
entry's at the top of the screen the corresponding explanation will be 
Now when you select a detail (right arrow) the explanation at the top will 
change, but when you then use the left arrow, the explanation will not 
change, but remain the last seen entry until you use arrow up or down.

--- only a minor glitch as mentioned ----

b) when you move totally to the end of the Log entries list and then 
acknowledge the last entry, the focus will move down beyond the list and the 
list is not updated but the entry is deleted even it's still visible when you 
then move the cursor up so that the list will be redrawn then the log 
reflects the changes (entry which was deleted are gone)

--- only a minor glitch as mentioned ----

c) In all the other menu the left arrow exits out of the menu but not in 
status menu where you have to use the ESC/EXIT-key

--- only a minor glitch as mentioned ----

regards Marcel

tried to create a Bugzilla account, to put these into it, but never got a 
e-mail with the password
Hope I will have time to look at the code in the future to provide patches for 
such things myself

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