[mythtv] FIX "do not autoexpire" Flag made persistent

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Oct 5 18:49:35 UTC 2004

> IMHO, the Max Episodes code should forget about using title and just
> check recordid.  Voila, the "which Max Episodes to use" problem goes
> away and Max Episodes will then automagically work for search record
> rules too.  For the problem of wanting to keep selected recordings
> when "Max Episodes" is used (which I would like to do), we can just
> provide a way to detach a recording from its original recording rule
> be clearing the saved recordid.
> David

<replying to some posts out of order>

This is one of the better arguments I've heard so far since right now I
assume Max Episodes doesn't work for search records.

I'm not opposed to changing the current Max Episodes functionality to work
by recordid instead of by title.  I wonder about detaching the recorded
record from it's recordid though since that could have other negative
effects such as not being able to edit the scheduled recording anymore
from the Watch Recordings screen.



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