[mythtv] writing dvb channels and transports into DB

Marcus Metzler mocm at mocm.de
Tue Nov 30 18:19:30 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Taylor" == Taylor Jacob <rtjacob at earthlink.net> writes:

    >> I am not sure yet. I would have to extract the whole stuff from
    >> libdvb. Right now I am more thinking about a standalone
    >> application that can produce a file that can be used by mythtv
    >> as a config file.

    Taylor> Are you planning on addung just the mutliplex/transport to
    Taylor> the database, and allowing Myth to automaticlly scan these
    Taylor> for channels, or are you planing on also adding in channel
    Taylor> definitions?  If the import only added the
    Taylor> mutliplex/transports all you should need to do is insert a
    Taylor> row into the dvb_transport table (I am planning on
    Taylor> renaming this table before it goes into myth to be
    Taylor> dtv_multiplex, or something similar since it can be used
    Taylor> for atsc as well whenever support for atsc cards is added
    Taylor> to linux-dvb).  I may have something soon on this front
    Taylor> for linux-dvb btw for those who aren't fans of the
    Taylor> pchdtv..
I was going to start with the transports in any case. And then go on
to channels.

    Taylor> If you look at the DVB patchfiles in siscan.cpp there is a
    Taylor> function named something like UpdateTransports() and that
    Taylor> should show you how you need to format your transport
    Taylor> query insert.

Ok, thanks, I'll have a look.

    Taylor> The other issue is if you have multiple sources defined
    Taylor> you need to associate it with one.. This might make it
    Taylor> best suited to go into the setup tool since you can add an
    Taylor> "import" button to the transport editor, choose your
    Taylor> format and then ram the data into the datbase..

Yes, that could work.

    Taylor> As far as what I consider a source it is either a DVB-T
    Taylor> input on a card, DVB-C input on a card, or a DVB-S DiSEqC
    Taylor> switch position or DVB-S motor position..  This way each
    Taylor> satellite can be defined as its own input source and
    Taylor> mapped in almost any way possible.. For example if you
    Taylor> have a motorized dish and a fixed dish the fixed dish can
    Taylor> have a subset of the channel definitions as the motorized
    Taylor> dish and requires no duplication in the database..

Libdvb already associates sateites with LNBs (i.e. diseqc settings)
and transponders with satellites, so I can easily separate it from
there. Only the other input formats may be difficult.

    Taylor> I hope this gets you started in the right direction..

Yes, I think it will.


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