[mythtv] writing dvb channels and transports into DB

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 30 18:03:30 UTC 2004

> I am not sure yet. I would have to extract the whole stuff from
> libdvb. Right now I am more thinking about a standalone application
> that can produce a file that can be used by mythtv as a config file.

Are you planning on addung just the mutliplex/transport to the database, and
allowing Myth to automaticlly scan these for channels, or are you planing on
also adding in channel definitions?   If the import only added the
mutliplex/transports all you should need to do is insert a row into the
dvb_transport table (I am planning on renaming this table before it goes into
myth to be dtv_multiplex, or something similar since it can be used for atsc as
well whenever support for atsc cards is added to linux-dvb).  I may have
something soon on this front for linux-dvb btw for those who aren't fans of the

If you look at the DVB patchfiles in siscan.cpp there is a function named
something like UpdateTransports() and that should show you how you need to
format your transport query insert.

The other issue is if you have multiple sources defined you need to associate it
with one.. This might make it best suited to go into the setup tool since you
can add an "import" button to the transport editor, choose your format and then
ram the data into the datbase..

As far as what I consider a source it is either a DVB-T input on a card, DVB-C
input on a card, or a DVB-S DiSEqC switch position or DVB-S motor position..
This way each satellite can be defined as its own input source and mapped in
almost any way possible.. For example if you have a motorized dish and a fixed
dish the fixed dish can have a subset of the channel definitions as the
motorized dish and requires no duplication in the database..

I hope this gets you started in the right direction..


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