[mythtv] Watch Recordings issues (bugs?)

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 29 03:46:04 UTC 2004

I'm using a CVS snapshot from 11/25, but the first
issue also existed with MythTV 0.16.

The first issue is if I select Watch Recordings from
the main menu, and I have less than a full row of
recordings, then I'll see duplicates:
i.e. I have only one show (say Listing 1) recorded,
then I'll see this:
All Programs
Listing 1
All Programs
Listing 1
All Programs

Scrolling through just keeps repeating the same
entries.  Having a second show in there does the same
thing, i.e.:
All Programs
Listing 1
Listing 2
All Programs
Listing 1

The second issue is that I deleted a recording while
in progress from the Watch Recordings Screen.  After
deleting it, the entry was still there, but the
message "Sorry No Recordings Available" was showing
(along with the entry).  When I returned back to the
menu and then went back into Watch Recordings, it was

Minor nits, and if I get a chance, I'll look into them
myself, but if somebody else has a quick fix, that
would be cool.

-- Joe

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