[mythtv] Video timecode problem

Paul Sykes pdsykes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 01:46:38 UTC 2004


I am currently experiencing a strange problem with mythtv while
watching livetv.  The video and sound play fine, in sync, and at the
correct speed (checked by watching BBC News 24 channel and the clock
stays corrent).  However, if I have been watching tv for more than
several minutes and try to pause it, the timer that appears will
report that it is behind even though I have been watching tv in real

This deficit can be as much as 5-7mins over an hour, however the video
is definitely not 5-7 minutes behind.  I have tried everything I can
think of to fix the problem but with no success.

Below is a list of my hardware:
AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Soyo Dragon+ Via 266a chipset
512Mb PC2700 DDR RAM
Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 128Mb Graphics Card
   Nvidia Kernel and GLX driver version 1.0.6629
60Gb DMA100 HDD (Ext3)
CMI PCI (Onboard) 8338 soundcard running alsa kernel drivers
Hauppauge Nova-T USB DVB tv device

Gentoo Linux, kernel 2.6.9-r4
MythTV CVS 0.16.20041115-1

I have also contacted this list about the problem before under the
subject "LiveTV playback timing problems" when it was thought the
problem might be related to my sound card.

This is however definitely not the case as the sound and video
playback in sync at the correct speed.

I have tried changing various kernel timing options, largely related
to RTC support and none of this appears to have helped.

The person who helped my in my previous thread, Ed W, thought that it
might be a problem with keyframes appearing in the wrong places.

Does anybody know what the timecode of an untranscoded nuv file is 
from a DVB-T tuner card, I know that usually video files contain some
form of time code to keep the position up to date.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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