[mythtv] Mythmusic question (to Thor)

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Nov 28 18:30:24 UTC 2004

Cool.  Thanks for the hints.  I will poke around from here and get back 
to you if I still have problems (Although Isaac if you remember the 
structure well enough then please feel free to drop me some hints!)

Just looking ahead a little.  I haven't checked out your new media 
player yet, but how were you thinking of putting a frontend on it?  Will 
you be thinking of just ripping the gui out of current mythmusic, or is 
it easier to start again with something new and this new mythui that I 
keep reading about?  Assuming I get the audio code restructured then the 
visualisation code will be partly pushed into the main myth code anyway, 
so no problems porting that over to the new player I think? (Although I 
haven't thought through how the events on the remote machine will fire 
back at the machine with the gui..?)

The guys writing the web app jinzora expressed an interest in writing a 
remote control app for mythmusic.  Could be an interesting option for 
the new stuff.

[Thinking even further ahead I still wonder how we can generalise some 
kind of remote control of myth.  I still like the idea that I proposed a 
little while back that we could have a kind of MythStatus object that 
each plugin inherits from and fills with info on what the module is 
doing (so the remote control/lcd can do sensible things like displaying 
progress, context, etc).  Then we feed the control events in via the 
same path as the current lirc/keyboard code... Anyway, way off topic now...]

Thanks again

Ed W

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