[mythtv] How to make sure v4l2 is being used (compile flag?)

The Cyberwizzard a_wizzard at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 24 16:08:42 UTC 2004

I just checked out the last CVS update looking for a way to get my CX8800 
based card to work under mythtv. It looks like we have some improvement as I 
get a green screen instead of a crash but the old buffer 0 and 1 errors are 
back. Now I know this might something to do with the v4l drivers and I want 
to force MythTV to use the v4l2 API since that one seems to work fine. (If I 
understand the source correctly, switching to v4l2 also automatically 
enables the YUV conversion which is required for this to work).

However, after looking through the docs and googling for hours I still 
haven't found a way to determine which interface (v4l/v4l2) is being used 
and when it uses the old API, force myth to use the new (either by command 
flag or recompile).

How do I do this?

Berend Dekens

P.S. I switched from the users list to the dev list since every question I 
asked remained unanswered (prolly because I ask stuff about the internals)

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