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Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Tue Nov 23 18:27:30 UTC 2004

Thats strange then. Ive also been playing with the ninemsn one which uses
perls XMLTV
The string that gets written into the structure is straight "&" and gets
written to the file by
XMLTV::write_data($data, OUTPUT=>$fh);
has & instead in the output file in its place.
that would mean that perl XMLTV lib is written wrong.

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Mark Spieth wrote:
I have noticed in xml tv info that & is saved.
Is this supposed to be?
Can I reasonably assume you are using d1.com.au as your data source?  If so,
you may actually find it's either the datasource or the grabber itself at
fault more than XMLTV.  If you take a look inside the result of a
tv_grab_au, you'll see things like....

<title lang="en">Randall &amp;amp; Hopkirk (Deceased)</title>

...inside.  That's not a valid representation of an ampersand in XML.

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