[mythtv] [mythdvd] ISO Ripping

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Fri Nov 19 22:19:16 UTC 2004

On Friday 19 November 2004 03:47 pm, jimbo-mythtv at edwardsclan.net wrote:
> Thor,
>  Thanks for the input.  One thought on your comment on libdvdread, as
> my understanding of that library, it can't read raw-sectors from the
> DVD-Rom.  It does reads at a file-level, reading each file given a title.
> This would limit the ISO to only the files associated with the video
> titles. The goal here is to get an ISO image, including files not related
> to the video structure. 

 Ah ... well ... it's been a while since I looked into all this, so I'm not 
certain of all the details.

> With libdvdcss, I am able to, without having to 
> parse or mount the FS structure, rip the entire disc.  Is it possible with
> libdvdread to have this kind of access?  From my brief review, it does not
> appear that way.

 Nevertheless, it should still be possible for your code to do a runtime load 
and link of libdecss (the QLibrary stuff is very helpful for that sort of 
thing). You would have to jump through a few "pointer to functions" hoops, 
but it would be worth it. Lots of distribution channels simply won't allow 
code through that is tied to libdecss in this way. And a runtime link makes 
it easier for end users as well (library exists? rip away; library not there? 
no ISO Mirror option).

 I ran into the same issue on some possibly DMCA violating code in doing the 
iTunes <--> mfd work. Figured out the two of three functions I needed from a 
library called libopendaap and used QLibrary to do runtime linking. Full 
functionality, and no liability issues in the myth source code.

- thor


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