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	Thanks for the input.  One thought on your comment on libdvdread, as
my understanding of that library, it can't read raw-sectors from the
DVD-Rom.  It does reads at a file-level, reading each file given a title.
This would limit the ISO to only the files associated with the video titles.
The goal here is to get an ISO image, including files not related to the
video structure.  With libdvdcss, I am able to, without having to parse or
mount the FS structure, rip the entire disc.  Is it possible with libdvdread
to have this kind of access?  From my brief review, it does not appear that

Jim Edwards

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On Thursday 18 November 2004 05:09 pm, jimbo-mythtv at edwardsclan.net wrote:

>             I am a new guy to Myth development, but I think my first patch
> is almost ready for more testing.  First I wanted to run by everyone what
> that thought about how this patch works.  I have made a patch that allows
> MTD to rip directly to an ISO file.  From MTD's perspective, I have it set
> so that if you specify a quality of -1, everything else is the same (0 -
> full quality, 1+ - converted).  Does this seem like a good way of doing
> this?  

 You probably want to call it something like "Whole Disc" or "Mirror Disc"
something like that, as -1 is a bit counterintuitive.

> From the UI perspective (this is the part that I have not 
> completed), I just set the quality slider to -1, and it rips to ISO. 
> However, since there is no Title selection

 The existing mtd job threads show how to get the (very limited) disc title 
(it's used now to fill in a best guess for the track names).

>             As far as the actual coding goes, there is a direct dependency
> on libdvdcss, which was already indirectly required.  

 You really want to wrap dvdcss calls with libdvdread, as it lets people 
distribute all the code (except for an optional _run_ time dependency) 
without fear of legal sillyness.

>             Assuming everything goes ok, I should have a patch posted by
> end-of-week.


- thor

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