[mythtv] DVB patch

Simon Wilkinson simon at sxw.org.uk
Thu Nov 18 23:29:54 UTC 2004


Firstly, thanks for the DVB patch - its great to see some simplification 
of the rather time consuming configuration steps here.

Some comments, all of these from the perspective of a UK DVB-T user ...
* Should the EIT grabber put the descriptive text into description, or
   into subtitle? At the moment, all of the 'body' text goes into
   'subtitle', which confuses things down the line. I've just spotted the
   EITFixUp code, but I'm still curious about the default case...

* The scanner doesn't handle NITs which contain multiple frequencies for
   a given transponder. These show up in the UK on those transmitters
   that relay off others. The data appears to be held in a 0x63 section
   coming after the TerrestrialDeliverySystem block. I can manage to
   decode the frequency list, but I'm not sure what to do with them after
   that. Should the TransportObject be extended to store a list of
   frequencies, and only the first one that tunes sucessfully be added to
   the database?

* I've also started looking at support for using the UK-specific channel
   number information to allocate the channel numbers, rather than using
   the DVB IDs. Is anyone else looking into this, before I reproduce
   their effort?



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