[mythtv] BIG DVB PATCH V2.1

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 18 19:23:14 UTC 2004

> I've seen your posts about the NIT and I tried to pay an extra attention to
> that. I've seen your reply to the v1.0 patch comments  and I think you
> mentioned that you tested with the CCTV chennels on the 95W sat. That's why I
> used the same sat for testing. Before i was testing with 121W, 119W and 110W.
> I tried to scan the TP that has NASA channel and GOL TV on the two echostars,
> but with the same results. So I moved to 97W tried scanning there and the
> finally moved to 95W. That's where the results are from.

What are the "same results".. Without more information it's hard for me to
help..  Are you using a circular LNB for 119 and 110?   Only 121 works with a
linear LNB..

> Q1. What do you mean by "if you dump it"?

Use dvbsnoop to dump the NIT table.

> Q2. how do you determine that i was tuned to -130?

It wasn't but the NIT (Network Information Table) sent by the satellite has
invalid information in it.  For a DVB-S NIT entry the Longitude of the
satellite is included as well and this is one field that clearly shows how
incorrect the data is..

> I use an FTA reciever to position my sat. The freq. SR FEC and all I got from
> lyngsat and my FTA reciever. All the values seemed to be right

Why don't you try the poisitioner code in the patches?  If you want to use the
GoTo X support be sure to edit the earth station latitude and longitude in
libs/libmythtv/dvbdiseqc.cpp.. I would love to know how this works for others..

> can you give me more specific pointers?

> again, thanx for all your help
> > > First of all, as it is my first posting, I'd like to thank anyone and
> > > everyone
> > > for their contributions to this project.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > > Now, onto my problem. I have a Nexus-s model 707 DVB-S card. I've been
> trying
> > > to get it to work with the v1.1, v2.0 and v2.1 of this patch with no
> result.
> > > I build this patch against a cvs version of Mythtv usually dated around
> the
> > > same time the patch has been released. I was running a SuSE 9.1 Pro with
> the
> > > default kernel (2.6.5-57 I think), then I upgraded to 2.6.7-111 and last
> > > night in a desperate move to get the latest dvb drivers, I upgraded to
> the
> > > cvs version of the kernel dated 11/16/2004. Yet, in each instance, in
> each of
> > > these configurations, I'm getting the same results.
> >
> > <snip>
> >
> > In both examples with scan and with the myth setup wizard you are getting
> the
> > same results which are becasue the CCTV uplink has an invalid NIT table.
> If
> > you dump it you will see that it is clearly not what you tuned to.  It says
> the
> > Satellite is located at something that doesn't exist like -130W, and the
> > symbolrate, frequency etc are all wrong.. Its possible this is a valid NIT
> for
> > one of the CCTV Uplinks available in another hemisphere but not in North
> > America..
> >
> > Everything else looks good.. If you go into videosource and manually set
> the
> > transponder for CCTV you should get good results.  I test with this
> transponder
> > a good deal.
> >
> > Just add the transponder under videosources, and then do a existing
> transport
> > scan on the one you just added and all shall be fine..
> >
> > Taylor
> >

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