[mythtv] Mac OS X CVS compilation errors

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Wed Nov 17 23:51:59 UTC 2004

> I instaled mac os 10.3.6 clean because of the troubles compiling 
> mythtv. In the install options I ticked X11, and then afterwards I 
> installed the xcode tools (otherwise it isn't possible to build 
> anything at all, since xcode supplies gcc). In the xcode tools 
> installer I checked all the default stuff, including the X11 SDK.

	OK. It shouldn't really matter, no need to start afresh.

> I then compiled and installed freetype and lame from a terminal 
> window, but could not compile qt without errors,

	As an aside, do you remember what the errors were?

>  so used a qt-mac-free-3.3.0 installer pachage instead.

	That is likely to be your problem. Either 3.3.0 is too old,
or its qmake isn't defining the macros to use the mac blocks.

	At the toplevel, try:

make clean
qmake -macx mythtv.pro QMAKE='qmake -mac'

	If it is still broken, email me libs/libavcodec/Makefile

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