[mythtv] Both ATSC and NTSC on HD-3000?

potuncle at enjoyingeugene.com potuncle at enjoyingeugene.com
Tue Nov 16 22:45:27 UTC 2004

I posted the question if MythTV could use both tuners of the HD-3000 (not
at the same time) in MythTV-Users and after given the suggestion to check
the Dev list archives I did so and found out that MythTV cannot use both
the ATSC and NTSC tuners on the HD-3000.

My own problem is that I have a ASUS Pundit as my frontend/backend, so I
only have 2 PCI slots and one is for my XvMC supporting nVidia ard, so
with the HD-3000 in the other one, there is no room for a NTSC-only card.
Most all of our local stations broadcast ATSC, but a couple are still

I understand the problem with using both tuners is that MythTV won't know
that it cannot use both at the same time. How difficult would this be to
fix? Could a configuration setting be added to tell MythTV that no matter
how many tuners it has that it still can only be using one at a time?

I wish I could try to make a patch for this, but my programming experience
currently doesn't go far beyond BASIC and scripting.



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