[mythtv] Re: request: OSX mythfrontend and winmyth for CVS backend

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu+mythtv-dev at beirdo.ca
Tue Nov 16 22:20:59 UTC 2004

Jeremiah Morris <jm at whpress.com> wrote:
>> This gives me enough ammunition to start looking at tweaking for my 
>> poor
>> non-Altivec processor :)

> Given that I can barely run video on my 800Mhz Altivec-enabled TiBook, 
> that's an ambitious job, but I certainly wish you the best of luck!

Yeah, it will be a long hard haul, I'm sure.

> What we need now is more folks who can keep up with CVS and the dev 
> list, and complain loudly when patches or checkins break the Mac build. 
>   :->  The more eyes we can have on the bleeding edge, the easier it 
> will be to keep the OS X version running.  Believe me, I'd rather be 
> building binaries than worrying about tree breakage.

I'll do the best I can there, but as I can't really play yet, my input will be
not as useful as the lucky people with G4 and G5 processors for a while.  I'll
certainly notice when it won't compile, of course.

>> I ran Shark on my iBook, and found out something interesting.  about 
>> 20% of the
>> CPU time is used to resample my audio.

> Ouch.  The resampling should be taking place natively in the Core Audio 
> driver, but the audio framework provides a way to use libsamplerate 
> instead.  Can you send me your Shark log?  If Core Audio is being a CPU 
> hog, I can send you patches to use libsamplerate for the conversion, 
> which might work better.

It is natively in the Core Audio driver, however, it seems to be doing it all
with floating point, and it's slow as a dog.  I'll send you the Shark log
tonight after I get home from the concert (Megadeth) as right now, the iBook
is in suspend mode :)


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