[mythtv] Re: request: OSX mythfrontend and winmyth for CVS backend

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu+mythtv-dev at beirdo.ca
Mon Nov 15 18:04:31 UTC 2004

Jeremiah Morris <jm at whpress.com> wrote:
> Yep, that sort of thing happens all the time.  As for a page, I don't 
> know of any OS X myth pages besides Nigel's howto:
> http://www.users.bigpond.com/pear_computers/myth-osx-howto.html

OK.  Fair enough.

> I use up all my tuits writing patches, so I can't help in tracking them 
> -- volunteers for following the list and maintaining a wiki page would 
> be welcomed.  Even with the patches, CVS is hit-and-miss; the bug you 
> mention didn't affect my setup, so I didn't catch it for a while.

Yeah, I would potentially volunteer, but I've bitten off enough to chew on 
right now.  That is also why I didn't get to reporting that bug...  I forgot
as I got busy working on some other stuff.  Having way too many irons in the
fire can get a bit tiring at times.

> AFAIK, right now the only uncommitted patches for OS X deal with new 
> features or niceties, so you may want to grab CVS before that changes.  
> ;)

Did so last night, it seems to work as well as I'd expect on a G3 500MHz :)  It
is almost time for me to attempt some tweaking...  in my copious spare time,
of course.


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