[mythtv] Another problem with nuvexport and possible fix...

George Styles george at ripnet.co.uk
Sun Nov 14 17:17:50 UTC 2004


Now ive got nuvexport correctly reading the video size (see previous patch), ive hit another problem, which I think ive fixed.

If i use it as is, i get VERY broken video, with loads of green blocks all over it.

It seems that dropping the -x mpeg2 flag to transcode fixes the problem. No idea why :). Transcode seems to be able to work out for itself what format the video is in.

The patch is below.

After applying these 2 patches, I get perfect XviD output :) yay! 

Chris - are you prepared to accept one or both of these patches? its annoying to have to re-apply them each time I book out the CVS. I think the first one is fairly non-controversial, whereas the second one may need a switch if it breaks the encode for any other people.

--- transcode.pm.original       2004-11-14 17:15:58.967475711 +0000
+++ transcode.pm        2004-11-14 17:12:50.876648668 +0000
@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@
     # Figure out the input files
         if ($episode->{'finfo'}{'is_mpeg'}) {
-               $transcode .= " -i $episode->{'filename'} -x mpeg2";
+               $transcode .= " -i $episode->{'filename'} ";
         else {
             $transcode .= " -i /tmp/fifodir_$$/vidout -p /tmp/fifodir_$$/audout"

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