[mythtv] CA & charset patch (for experimental DVB patch only!)

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 12 03:35:43 UTC 2004

> There are some problems with dvb_on_demand though. I guess the starting
> of the parser threads should be moved from the dvbchannel constructor to
> the open() method so they get restarted correctly (dvb_on_demand
> dynamically opens and closes dvbchannel). I tried a quick fix but that
> didn't work so unless one of you guys want to take a look at that I'll
> have to look into it later.

I didn't even think about on demand.. I'll see about fixing this, although this
will wait a bit..

> It would also be really great if we could get dynamic PMT updates
> working. Some services here change PIDs for certain events such as
> regional news (which is why I need auto-pid BTW :) and if you happen to
> tune a few seconds too early you get the "old" PMT and you won't get any
> data when the PIDs change. For the CAM code this shouldn't be a problem
> (just need to set up a signal) but I don't know how much work would be
> needed for the DVBrecorder.

I need to add version support to the SectionTracker class, and always leave the
table parsing pids open.. That way it will always check for a new version of
the table and if it gets it handle it (signals will be necessary here so no
matter how much i wanted to avoid them im going to end up using them).. This is
the same way the "Service Scan" will work.. If the version changes it will send
the new SDT table to the Scan module that will do the DB updates..

I've been a bit busy the last few days, so I am not sure when 1.2 will be coming
out, but hopefully John and I will be close to something within a week..


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