[mythtv] Re: Patch: Latest Audio Patch

Theng Kiat Ng treblid at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 03:16:13 UTC 2004

>Great news. Well, this is just cursory testing of course, but at least
>it's good to hear that it applies and compiles cleanly against CVS. I
>think this means that patch is now good to go
Nice work Ed. Though I have problems running mythmusic after applying
this patch. Or is it just me?

I don't have the details as I am at work now and I can't remember the
error reported by mythmusic ( mythfronend quits saying mythmusic
plugin cannot find symbol VolumeControl, or is it VolumeBase?)

The error is there after I did a make distclean of mythmusic. Also,
MythMusic couldn't compile properly the first time as it is missing
some header files in /usr/include/mythtv (or is it
/usr/local/include/mythtv?). Can somebody confirm that mythmusic isn't
broken after applying this patch?


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