[mythtv] Need some help understanding jobqueue

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Nov 12 03:20:30 UTC 2004

> I'm fooling around with adding the ability to transcode from mythweb
> and I've encountered something odd.  I'm inserting jobs as
> insert into jobqueue (chanid, starttime,inserttime, type,status,
> hostname)  values( transcode_ID, FROM_UNIXTIME(transcode_starttime]),
> FROM_UNIXTIME( time() ),1,1,db_host )
> Which doesn't quite work.  What's happening is the job goes into the
> database, then it seems to create a duplicate of that job and run it. 
> When it's done, I end up with one job as status 4 (Running) and one
> job with status 3 (Starting)
> Like so (non-related entries removed):
> select id,title,status, comment from jobqueue as j, recorded as r
> where r.chanid=j.chanid and r.starttime=j.starttime order by j.id;
> | 899 | Frasier                 |      4 | 70% Completed           |
> | 909 | Frasier                 |      3 |                         |

If you have 2 rows with different ids, then it looks like you somehow
inserted 2 rows.  Can you check to make sure that all other fields
on those 2 rows are equal (except status and comment)?

The 2 rows listed are also 10 ids apart which indicates that you did a
whole bunch of other inserts between the time the 2nd row was inserted
and when the first one was inserted.  Did you queue up a group of
transcode jobs or just that one?



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