[mythtv] Re: Patch: Latest Audio Patch

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Nov 11 20:26:57 UTC 2004

zardoz at zardoz.ath.cx wrote:

>could this patch fix my problem here ? complete log ~600k.
>jerky playback of videos and sound. running alsa 107 (or cvs also)

Probably not, but if you update to the latest CVS then at least I can 
help you try to debug it. 

I'm not quite sure what's going on here when the prebuffering stuff 
kicks in.  I suspect that this is something more structural than just a 
funny audio driver problem. 

If this is something which happens repeatably on the playback of some 
audio file then you could provide me with a snippet so that I can try to 
debug it a little?

Ed W

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